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Influence Meme by xmoonlitxdreamx Influence Meme by xmoonlitxdreamx
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ACTUALLY, I'm really bad at pinpointing what my influences are. :M;;; I kind of see things and draw based on what I vaguely remember... but everything kind of blends together at some point. IDK. Here's what I came up with when I tried to determine some of my major influences in my drawings, characters, and comic-ing style.

(This is not in order of influence, this is just how I happened to number them. :V)

1. Hiro Mashima
Even though it's basically impossible to see now, Hiro Mashima was a really big influence on my drawings when I was in elementary school... which is why I made him the biggest one on this map. :V Rave Master was the first manga I ever read! Even though I don't really draw action/adventure comics or characters, I think the sense of humor in Rave Master largely influenced my current sense of humor... yeah. Another person who similarly influenced me was Mia Ikumi, because I was also big on Tokyo Mew Mew at the time. xD But I was always more into Rave Master... the Tokyopop translation was hilarious, because they used all kinds of TOTALLY COOL LINGO

2. Studio Ghibli
I think most of the Ghibli films I've watched are Hayao Miyazaki films, but idk. This isn't a huge influence, but the character designs in these stories always interest me. I also really like the storytelling style, because the dialogue feels like a live action movie rather than an animated movie. I want to try to have a cinematic feel in some of the comics I draw.

3. Tiger and Bunny
Tiger and Bunny made me value character interaction and development over an overarching storyline. Maybe. It was one of the factors. I also really love the style, which is kind of like an anime-imitation of superhero comics. Getting a balance between cartoon-anime-realism is something I've been trying to do with my drawings. IDK HOW I'M DOING, BUT I GUESS IT'S GOING OKAY!
Also, this anime only added gas to the fire that is my passion for opposing personalities. 
And 30 year old men. 

4. Nikki/GoRockets
I'VE NEVER SPOKEN TO THIS PERSON, BUT HER ART IS JUST SO CUTE!! I'm really bad at choosing favorite artists, but she's definitely one of my favorites. I found her through her webcomic, THIS IS NOT FICTION, which is REALLY GOOD. And hilarious. Her art has influenced my attempts at making my characters more expressive. Her whacky sense of humor is also rubbing off on me. :M

5. Disney
I actually don't know how big of an influence Disney has been since I don't religiously watch Disney films like some people... but some people have compared my drawings to Disney, so I thought I'd just include it here. :V Disney's storytelling style isn't something I go for in my comics (not that you'd know, I guess;;;), but I really love the way they do facial expressions. *u*

6. Healer94/Likethebeer/Bo
Back when I first joined in like 2009, Bo (who used to go by Mell) was one of my friends whose art I thought was SO SUPER KEWL! I remember his early drawings influenced the way I draw noses and mouths. Including him on here, though, is just to say that all the people I interacted with early on when I joined theOtaku have influenced me a lot with what I draw now. 

7. Hideyoshico/Hide Yoshiko
S-so, Hideyoshico is a bl author...;;; Fun fact! IT'S REALLY HARD TO FIND BL MANGA WITH DECENT ART. Or at least moderately interesting art, with moderately interesting character designs. But enough about that.
While I don't like all of her titles, Hideyoshico impressed me for breaking away from the average way of writing a manga in general. She tends to be pretty creative with her perspectives, and includes a variety of them in her manga. For instance, in Negative-kun to Positive-kun, she writes most chapters about the main characters from a 3rd person perspective with limited "thought dialogue", but also includes a chapter from a girl's perspective--WHO IS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER WHO THINKS AND STUFF. I always appreciate interesting-and-not-pointlessly-mean girl characters in bl manga. 
Anyway, all that stuff was kind of irrelevant... but uh, Hideyoshico's art and manga style has influenced the way I take on the perspective of a comic, and also kind of pushed me toward a more sketchy style rather than super clean cut. Maybe. idk.

8. Gigi D. G.
Gigi D. G. writes and draws Cucumber Quest! Her art is so cute and colorful, and the expressions are great... and her humor is great... Her drawings make me want to draw bright and colorful things with cute expressions. :B UH. YEAH.
/I'm so bad at this meme right now

9. King-Sama
:iconchibikingsama: has been a friend of mine since I first joined theOtaku and started posting stuff online back in 2009! 8D Ever since then, I've always looked up to her art because the coloring is just really pretty....!! *u* Her coloring has influenced the way I approach coloring my colored pencil drawings.

10. My Sister Bailey
MY BEAUTIFUL SISMANCE, :icongumdropcosplay:!!!! I was going to put this one as my biggest influence, but I thought she might be embarrassed...;;; My sister is the whole reason I started drawing in the first place! I WANTED TO DRAW JUST LIKE HER. The picture I put in the map is one of her older drawings, but I used it because I remember that it was those kinds of drawings that I really wanted to draw. The faces and poses she drew always seemed so out of reach and amazing... ;3; She also used to draw cool clothes on people out of nowhere. When I tried to do the same, the outfits usually turned out hilariously bad... haha. So she made me want to keep trying to draw clothes and things, and has influenced my fashion sense a whole lot. :V 
ALSO! You may not know this, Bailey, but you're partially the reason I have so many boy x boy characters now. Because of your Colorblind comic. That's right. You were the one who introduced boys love to me.

11. Hayakawa Nojiko
A-another bl author ahahaha..... THOUGH ACTUALLY, Hayakawa Nojiko is one of my favorite artists in general. I MEAN, HER COLORED PICTURES ARE JUST SO NICE. Her coloring hasn't really influenced me much (b-because I just don't think I can do it....), but her comic-drawing style is really interesting and makes me want to try to get experimental with paneling. Nojiko is really good at adding a surreal flavor to her comics, and it's just really interesting to me... I also like her use of subtle dialogue, which is something that's rubbing off on me in the way I write dialogue. 

12. Asumiko Nakamura
This meme is actually the "all the bl I've read" map. :M;;; 
Asumiko Nakamura's dialogue style is really interesting to me! Reading her manga feels like you're watching a movie because of the way the dialouge flows and the camera angles she chooses. The way she does dialogue and cameras is something I try to do with my comics (but not very well aha COMICS ARE HARD.) Her expressions and gestures have also influenced me to try and make my characters gestures more fluid. 
She also draws really long necks, so.... there you go. Her art takes some getting used to looking at, but eventually you do. 
If you go searching Asumiko Nakamura on google, just know that she sometimes draws some pretty dark and explicit stuff. The comics of hers that I've read are Doukyuusei and Sotsugyousei, which are about pg-13. Some of her oneshots, like I Am A Piano, are really cool too.  Sora to Hara has the best dialogue, I think, but it's about a "will they or won't they get together" teacher-student romance so... yeah. Still, it's about pg-13.

THERE'S THIS MEME, I GUESS... Thanks for reading this massive thing. Idk. I NEVER K. 
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PastryPuffs Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! I am one of Moonlit dream's influences!! honored~ I hope you can learn more from me~ ;D 
I have always wondered what influenced your style of art, glad that I finally knew! since I still think your style is very unique 
xmoonlitxdreamx Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, your techniques always inspire me! :,D 
I'm glad you find my style unique...! ;u; I've gotten so used to looking at my drawings that I can't really imagine what they look like to other people;;;
PastryPuffs Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
//gives you my eyes
xmoonlitxdreamx Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How I look with your eyes:…
PastryPuffs Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! great idea!
GumdropCosplay Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Jk I'm honored! :'D :'D But now you're amazing so why do I even matter hahaha. OH and I see, it was my comic..... I didn't know you cared so much about Kotosuke and Satoshi! I think they're my only gay couple doe. Interesting to see the roots....

AND. Yeah. Idk who some of these people are soooo.... I'll just say... RAVE MASTER.
xmoonlitxdreamx Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YOU MATTER SO MUCH! I probably value the advice you give me more than the advice other people give me. Like when you said I drew foreheads too small and chins to long some time ago, I've been trying to keep that in mind.

Haha, I didn't really care for Kotosuke and Satoshi that much, but I might've just been copying you when I made Rick gay. And my friends in middle school (Charlotte, Maria, Beth) were really into boys love, so I was partially just trying to get their attention. If you remember my old butts Ichio and Mikato, that's pretty much how they got started. I LIKE TO THINK THAT... STEFAN AND GABE AREN'T JUST RANDOM YAOI BOYZ, BUT...
(Also, I left some pretty mean comments on your comic back then. I SHOULD'VE BEEN MORE ENCOURAGING! Sorry about that.................... "orz Slightly hilarious but kind of mean quote from 8th grade Akioh:
"Takara. Your weird. =_= all my relationships in my books are boy+girl.")

Rave Mastaaaaaaahhh!!

GumdropCosplay Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Awh!! :'D I didn't know Iiiiiii mattered so much! Haha. Well hopefully my compliments are super memorable too. Obvi you're my favorite artist. OBVI.

Hahaha dat couple was hawt, as our little bumblebee sister might say. Nahh, I can see the bond of Gabe and Stefan more. They're definitely more developed.
Ahem 8th grade Akioh, you're not your. (Psh but don't worry about it. I bet my comments were mean too haha.)
xmoonlitxdreamx Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also, I just realized that "I didn't know them well enough to get to know them" is a really redundant statement.
xmoonlitxdreamx Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OF COURSE, SISTUH. ;3; And yes, I always am glad to get compliments from you. ;u; THANK YOU DEAR SISTER...

Well, I didn't know them well enough to get to know them! 8D Maybe if you continued colorblind, I would've liked them more.  :9 I liked them enough to copy you, though. xD
O yeh ichio n mikato are totz hawt. *-* AND I'M GLAD... I'm also glad that they have a home on your wall. ;u; 

8th grade Akioh: I draw the besties stuff all the time! ^_^ WOO! Idk what that was. o_0

Hey hey. You should watch me draw................. 8D
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